Did you saw that? Did you heard that? Did you smelled that?


It’s amazing how many, small interesting, everybody-knows-about, kind of things are happening around You all the time.

It happened a week ago, when i noticed at a bus stop, how a blind man llighted his cigarette from the other side, and then just continued to smoke the filter in stead of tobacco.  It was a  maybe 3 seconds, as the bus was passing by, but the moment lasted for much longer.

Same day, i was sitting in front of McDonalds, and a group of 14-15 year old Jersey Shore-like girls and boys were sitting and acting all tough, and after a while there was another group of a bit older “gang” who didn’t even had to say anything, but just with a proper “Look” they scared the little ones ones to the next table. The looked like a group of hyenas, with their tales in between their legs, kicked away from a piece of fresh flesh.

And all these little moments are just so interesting. At first i thought it was just because i had smoked a papyrus with herbal flavour. But i have continued to notice such things while being fully fresh, with nothing else but white bread and water in my stomach and in the bus on the way home, i noticed how a little boy was trying to teach his grandmother how to “High 5”.  Nothing special again, but such a small moment, that you can gather and you knows, use it for your next creative project.

So what i am trying to say is :

Wake the fuck up. Be curious! See what is happening around you, next to you, and on the rooftops. Stay open minded, and get yourself reminded, that the further you look for the things, the closer they actually are. Listen, look, smell — observe.


p.s. And please don’t let the “Christmas goggles” trick your holidays into a back braking, materialistic and joy less holidays. Merry ones.


Optional title is vital.


Picture. Monologue. 

Let’s not be stupid, and isolate us with the one of the first stereotypic ideas that come up in the head. I do want to believe that this is The spirit. This is how your life should go on and how you should look at your surroundings. Not to rotten with the time, cause that is how you are “supposed to be” old, cranky, and has no tolerance towards anything new, anything exciting.

I do want to believe that even at the age of 86 (at least that’s how many years i hope my life will bless me with) i will still be out there and feel great. Not old and not young, cause the age is not what matters – it’s the personality.  Your ability to stay “fresh” in the mind.

A wheelchair or a toothless mouth. Nothing has to come in between you jumping in an adventure. 

A while ago i saw the movie “The intouchables”  [http://bit.ly/Sz9SxL] that had re-awaken this feeling of enjoying the life on full power and and look on the bright side of life, more often.


So far it all might sound like some hippie crap, “everyone be happy, and enjoy the moment with little round glasses on, and a joint in the pocket”. But what i’m trying to say is that you have to live every moment. I tend to notice how people are looking at the life, and it really does not matter what are you doing for living, or how much money, do you exactly have. A chefs in a little crappy restaurant, cleaning lady in a school, dishwasher, teacher with a small salary or a salesman in a gas tank etc. All these and way more are professions for the  first examples i could remember of people that i have seen the most “life happy” and having the ability to stay with a truthful smile on the face throughout the day. 

There is no life without sadness, madness and cruelty but the way of dealing with the situations is your own choice. 


Inspired by the Tv-host Conan o’Brien where he’s having the monologues expressing he’s opinion on certain issues, once a while i’ll do something similar. For the first time, something serious, as i am a deadly serious person.


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According to http://www.urbandictionary.com creativity is “When you forgot who you stole it (idea) from”.

I would define creativity as all your experiences and feelings towards them mixed together and then applied to a certain situation. Even tough two individuals would be eating the exact same banana, looking at the same painting or reading the same “how to loose weight” article , nearly all the associations would differentiate, and here we already are subconsciously exposing our different approaches to certain elements in our lives, our creativity.

I will try to write a paragraph or no, a little poem here on the spot about a random topic..
Hmm, l have this not-very good looking go-go card with carrots on my wall. Let’s try carrots.

I Do like carrots as fresh and in the salat
It’s of two colors, from the side of joyful color pallete
Gives you energy and strength when you need it
And then to all illnesses you can say like M. Jackson – “Beat it”

It took me about 1,5 minute to write these 4 lines. It’s one of the very easiest and the most simple practises to boost your creativity, just write a small paragraph about something that’s next to you, and try to make a little bit of sense every time you write about something.

You must think “Wow, he wrote 4 lines about carrots how cool is that!” But i must say that also You can do it as well, it takes time and practice as everything else tough.

If you want to be as awesome, or just simply learn how to solve creative tasks i will give you some guidlines that have greatly helped me to boost my imagination and the skills to apply it to any situation.
There are a lot of tasks and brainstorming tools to use for a problem solving but these are the points to keep in mind in order to be more creative in my approach.

1. Be happy.
I started to write this blog post yesterday, but with filled with frustration and negative emotions it’s just not point to force yourself to do something creative unless you get over it ! It is a big thing to say, yea, just be happy, but find a way how to get yourself out of an unpleasent situation if u are in one.  As “Maslow hierarchy of needs” says you have to have your biological, physiological, safety and belongingness covered first in order to create something you truly have the desire for.
2. Keep your eyes & ears open.
See what is happening everywhere around you. Open your eyes and ears and collect the information from everywhere possible, when you do not need to focus on something particular.
3. Kids perspective.
As kids, have (mostly) an annoying habbit to ask about everything and all the day, you should do that as well. I hope you have gotten a piece of knowledge more in your head, since you were a kid, but the moment you do not understand something -ask. And keep wondering, looking at things you rarely do. At ceiling in food store, around the corner, go to your atic or basment, you will be amazed how many things we do not notice.
4. Music.

Each of you might have a favourite music genre, or an artist and that’s awesome, but how about listen to all sorts of songs and artists, just to broaden you horizon, of what else is out there, and who knows, maybe you will meet you next, beloved one on the jazz concert you went just to check it out.
5. Stay hungry, stay foolish.
I really do like this Steve Jobs queote. In my interpretation it covers two of my favourite points.
Stay hungry – is about all the previously mentioned, wondering, openness, and being present part. Stay hungry for more knwoledge, and understanding of your surroundings + Read A Lot !
Stay foolish – is about your every day life. Crawl under a table, try to listen to only one song for 5 hours, and experiment with food as much as you can. All these little stupid things, will first of all make your life more interesting and you never know when an genious could approach you. Like dutch peoeple had the awesome idea of putting a flour-based batter on a hot griddle and make something what today we call as pancakes! mmh, yes, pancakes.
6. Fail harder.
The essence of an experiment is to try, meaning that it’s not sure you will succeed. But you will analyze the problem and try again. And again, and again. Ask for an advice, look for another perspective and do it until it works out as wanted.

Little bit of summery in my post.

As George Lois says in the great documentary called Art&Copy: “Creativity can solve anything” and i do believe that it has as many boundaries and fences as you put up yourself. So here i want to remind you once again, that creativity would not be only used to solved and idea in a schools projects or when creating an advertising campaign. Let it take a grand part of your life, practice it daily and you will open yourself up to a lot of yet unknown abilities you have into yourself!


– Create your list (or use this if it applies to you), of what could help You to keep you on the creative path.
– Hang out with creative people. Artists, musicians, a grocery store owner or a homeless person, anyone is equally valid. Do not underestimate others. Being in such an environment will keep you in the level of creativity by sharing thoughts, goals, and ideas.
– Visit places. Concerts, museums, exhibitions, abandon houses and skateparks. Don’t limit yourself with the issue of affordability. Check out all the local events, subsrcribe to all the known interesting visiting places to get some offers. Get as many insights as possible.
-Share you knowledge. Not only to be the Saint person and enlighten people around you, but it’s a good habbit to repeat the knowledge you have and stick it in your memory. So be also selfish .
– Drop a comment if this helped you in any way. Even if where bored as crap and scrolled through this text, any feedback will be appreciated.

Some of the link i’m looking into for some creativity:

http://theoatmeal.com/  – really fun comic books

http://wk.com/ – awesome commercials

http://www.adweek.com/  – a lots of awesome adds

http://pinterest.com/   – loadness of beautiful things

http://www.designswan.com/ – great design examples

http://kuukalabbi.blogspot.dk/  – an awesome blog

and, so on, so no my friends.

Oh, and i bought (!) this picture with rusty effect, so i just wanted to share, brag, show off i guess, cause it’s the very first time i have actually bought an image. Hands up for buying images online.

p.s. If you are a cool person, you can get this incredibly awesome image for free ! Just ring a bell, or better just write me a message. Bell ringing probably wouldn’t work..


Creativity – it’s everywhere!

Next post, with the same host and with a big, fat of cheese toast! Creativity – diagnosed. 

Advertising Campaign


In few words it’s a series of advertising messages to share a single message. Easy enough to understand, complex enough, to create one.

I think that an advertising campaign is splendid marketing tool. After you’ve past the “exciting” research of the target audience, competitors, current market situation, campaigns implementation structure plan and all sort of funny things more you can dip your nachos (product) in that sauce of commercial and put it right into the mouth of consumer. And in a well made campaign strategy you should have several types of sauces, to keep the audience awake, and interested that your still there. With a the same, crunchy nachos, but many sauces to offer.

This is my interpretation of an advertising campaign. But have a look at some real life examples, they’re simply great.

Switzerland. Get natural.

Mountains, Yodeling, 4 official languages, and smell the of luxuriance. This is how i would shortly describe this wonderful country.
“Get natural” is the main feature in the advertising [branding] world, and particulary to the series of videos, made for the country that loves cows and german cars (And me, after successfully promoting it ).


Switzerland is a magnificent vacation destination. But now it’s made into an ultimate relaxation and cosy-ness nest.


“Summer Holiday”

When the spring transforms into an evergreen summer, someone has to get rid of all remains of the previous seasons. Here it’s done in a simplistic, graceful yet scratchy approach.


“More than just mountains”

Braking the stereotypes and informing people that there Is more of splendid things to do and places to visit in Switzerland than anyone though of.

Don’t you just want to go there just to see these village men fixing the country, enjoy a relaxing vacation and see those yet unseen parts of this country? I think this campaign is very well made by implementing a simple but powerful message. I think they have successfully played with stereotypes that people would assume about Switzerland, and twisted them in a humorous, appealing way.
Try out this interactive video, that has gotten incredibly popular in social media comparing to the previous videos.

I managed to wake Paul and Sebi up with “carneval”. Evil i know.


Owned by Swedish/Danish comany “Arla”, advertised by my all times favourite “Wieden and Kennedy” advertising agancy Cravendale is the number 1 (!) milka brand in United Kingdom. Milk brand. I mean that is just wonderful, how creative people those advertising people are. To turn such an emotion-less, daily, “i’ve been consuming this product since the day my mother got tired of breastfeeding” product (or more of promoting the brand) so well that people would go and fill their shopping baskets with “Cravendale” goods. Eventough it’s just milk. Amazing how it’s been dragged out of the regular “to buy list” and put in as a thing i have to get.
Have a look as some examples, of how exactly it’s been done.

Cats with thumbs

I do not approve “Catvertising”,but i have to admit that this is well done. “Jog on kitties”

Milk me Brian

A simple thought with an extraordinary tail-end. Who was the first one with the idea to milk a cow?

Next blog post – next weekend. Stay tuned for more awesome-ness to come on your fa.. in your head!