Advertising. The Evil big brother or an adviser angel.


Ever since i came across this magical word – Advertising – i have tried to understand how to approach it.

I always admire a 30 second TV-spot or a poster that has the ability to break out of the overfloated, everyday clutter and stop You for a second. Stop you and slightly twist your opinion about a specific car brand or make that juicy, refreshing strawberry flavour ice-cream taste as it has never tasted before.

For now I will leave out the rocket-science research that has come before-hand to make you pick up that exact candy bar or share your holiday story on a travel website. But just think for a moment, what a truly wonderful world we are living in right now. All these smart guys (marketers), have transformed our lives in such way, that the universe knows what we want even before we know it.

While I am checking my email an add appears, showing the exact type of shoes that I search for during the last week and now those are 25% off ! What a lucky day. Then I check facebook and I spot that a group of my friends have “liked” this amazing event, that is sponsored by the local beer brand. What a great coincidence that also I saw the exact same event, that’s just amazing. But before closing my laptop i have to choose a present for my moms birthday and I check the website i did two days ago, to find the perfect cooking book. I choose the book, set it in my shopping cart and Bamm(!), who would have guessed that with this exact cooking book people are also buying a set of fancy kitchen towels. What a great idea, I must take two of those sets then. Oh, what a lucky day for me, right?

Or… is that all just a well planned set of schemes played out by marketers to get exactly Your attention and Your coines to role away from Your ┬ápocket. I love the new brands that are coming up and the new media trends in society that forces every brand and company to be as transparent as air. But again, the marketers are ┬ábecoming ever more clever. It seems that now less and less companies are trying to stuff their messages down our throuts but have you noticed that people around you are becoming the brand ambassadors. And it works, oh it works just so well. Wouldn’t you feel a big desire to buy a pair of shoes that your buddy recomended or a sweater that your girlfriend approved?

Everything is progressing with the speed of light and one trend overcomes another. Shopping has never been so easy to do as it is now and it sure is great to have some of your choices made for you, but where is the limit of when it becomes too creepy? I will leave that question for you to answer and please be clever next time when you see a discount coupon waiting for you. It might not be as innocent as it might appear.

Until next Wednesday all my lovely fans.