How to find Your business Idea?


After getting out of parents nest, the next big thing now seems to be to open your own business. A lot of my peers are having their small startups and little agencies and most importantly, the big, proud smile on their faces, that they are the owners of a business. Just look at that. And it is more easy than ever to start your own enterprise, with startup incubators on every street corner and loads of enterpreneurship course to attend, society is fueled with the enterpreneur spirit. It is an exciting way of life to get yourself into, I myself get weak in the knees every time i hear someone mentioning words such as “your own business” or “enterpreneur”. It does seems to be a hell of a fun, but before jumping straight into, there are some things to consider first.

Firstly understand why do you want to get into this business. Do you get the satisfaction of doing everything on your own or do you think that not having a boss will resolve all the work related issues? Or you have a great vision of how to change the world. The most important is the driving force inside of you, the motivation that will keep up with the amount of hard work to make it happen. Think about it for a second, and you will answer your own question of why this is such a good idea.

With knowing your Why, you have partly answered the next question which is What, or more of what-you-love?! Do you want to create a pancake shaped notebooks because you think that it would be a funny thing to do so or because their’s nothing like that in the market? Look at the next potential product/service and moreover what do you truly believe in? You should always choose to create your own business because you truly like to devote yourself to a certain thing and make that be your business !

It is easier said than done, but when you have figured out the what is your call and why do you want to do, then their’s nothing else to stop you. Focus all your energy on what you want to achieve and how to reach it, then the results will come – that is an honest universal truth.. as long as you plan your time well and set out priorities for yourself [which is actually my next posts topic].

Everything always comes down to your presonal dedication and reaching quick short term goals in order to motivate yourself for a bigger achievement. But here are some ways of how to Find and turn an idea into a business opportunity:

– Brainstorm. It really does not takes that much time, but once you start you might have it difficult to put down your pen. Sit down, have a time for yourself and simply write down the thing that you love and associations with them. Then leave the topic and come back after 2-3 days and you will see completely another perspective of the subjects as you have uncoceously though about them. Here are tips, from one of the best ones in the creative sector:

– Grow a huge network. Do not compromise on getting to know new people. It will help you to solve most of your problems in any occasion, but knowing a lot of contacts will enlargen the chance of you to get inspiration and a chance to join an on-going startup. A place to start can be at

– Attend courses. Sounds over-simplified, but people who do attend any sort of a course are the ones who are interested in the same subject as you are and here you have the chance to get the first approvals of an idea you might have.

– If you have an idea, but some one else already has something similar think of a way of how to make it better, faster, cheaper or more qualitative than anyone else has it in the market.

– Follow trends and tendencies. Maybe you can invent a great mobile app for the 3D printers or the google glasses. Maybe the uniwheel can be made even better. 

 And the most importantly, have a vision. Try to imagine how the world will look like around you, how your family life will be and how will you see other people when your idea will be successfully developed and on-going.

With taking these advice i belive than anyone can turn their ship in the direction of success.


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