The recipe of success (?)


Since i left my mothers nest, i always wanted to be successful. Invent the next big thing and quickly become world known and wealthy. With this thought i’ve read lots of poor-people-getting-rich stories and gotten influenced by every single one of them. Few of the big names that i can recall most brithly are Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Anthony Kiedis and most recently Jordan Belfort.

Watching, reading and hearing the stories of these people just makes your heart beat rise and motivation go through the Roof ! All the things that everyone talks about are so simple, yet difficult. Stick to one thing, have a vision, work hard, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something – nothing of this is rocket science but so little number of us has the ability to go through and become our dreams. I know that a lot is possible as long as you keep progressing and going forward, even by little steps but making a step closer to your vision. Just 5 years ago, i had it more than difficult to open my mouth in front of a crowd, but now being in front of an audience is starting to be one of my comfort zones.

So the steps to a successful life (in what ever matter suits you – money, network or power or all those things combined) according to Jordan Belfort (so far my favourite motivational person) are:

1. Have a vision. Do not think of goals but of the world around you would change when you will make your vision come true.

2. Ability to manage your state. It means that what ever situation you are in, you have to be able to keep progressing and that can be achieved by three simple thing:

– Certainty: Be sure what you are doing

– Clarity: Know what exactly to do

– Courage: Act in a fear

3. Beliefs. Make your beliefs as something that would empower you actions and people around you and moreover break the limiting beliefs. Stop thinking, believing that you can not Do something.

4. Standards. Create high standards that you would never settle lower for. You would get to your stated goal until by whatever means needed.

These are just few simple guides to follow to fulfil your desired mission. For the full speech of this amazing guy and amount of enthusiasm that will fill your motivation well click here.


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