What’s common between Startups and swimming?


Your heart-rate raises, your pupils become bigger and the smile on your lips is genuine. No, not drugs, but that moment, when you come up with a fantastic idea. You know that it will be the next big thing, it will be the new black orange, that everyone will love and adore. Now it is all about figuring out how to realize that fruit of your imagination.

One of the popular and ever growing ways to transfer a great idea into a product or a service is to create a startup (company). A startup begins with a mix of excitement, uncertainty and foolish courage, which is why I compare it to swimming, or to be precise – the process of learning How to swim. There are those, who are too afraid to get in the water and those who will jump on there heads in despite of what anyone else is saying.

The first type of people will observe everyone else in the water, look if it is the right temperature, test if the water is not polluted and then realize that they have the sunscreen on their skin so then can’t actually go in the water after all. .. So they have spent the whole time in the world by making observations and research but never gotten their fingers wet. Similar to ther startups who are all about scouting all the market niches, considering all the possible scenarious of what could go wrong, but withouth putting out there products first versionand testing it they will never figure out if the idea was that brilliant in the first place.

The second type are the crazy ones. Without having any idea of  how to swim, they will jump from a springboard and then see what happens. Some get lucky that a life guard is nearby and takes the braveheart out of the water. Some might not be that lucky.. And again same thing with a startup. Inexperienced amaterus jumping right in the exciting “real life” with no idea of the first steps to take and most commonly avoiding any kind of a management tool. Mostly the only way will lead to a downward spiral and out of the business as quickly as it was started.

Probably you can tell that the way to go is to aim in the middle in between of these two examples. To get started you will have to conduct research while simultaniously developing a way of how to test your observations and assumptions. So in the very core you have to figure out the hypothesis that you want to prove right or wrong and then test it. Your success will matter of how quickly you are be able to test your hypothesis and accordingly adjust your furthure actions. Number one reason for startup failure is incompetence and a way to avoid that is by constant attempts of testing and adjusting your work.

So don’t hold back your ideas, and be brave to put them out in the world.



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3. Images are taken from https://federicodecalifornia.wordpress.com/tag/vintage-swim/

Until next wednesday.


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