Creative Collaborations

I think that my fingers would get really, really tired to write here all the things that i have started and never finished.

That seems to be my curse, or i am just the next lazy fuck in the row. But last April i thought that if i would tell everyone about my next project, i would feel more responsible for it and actually make it to the end. Didn’t happened. My urge to do something admirable is enormous but to focus my energy on one thing and one things only is a challenge.

So this September, when i started a semester at a new school (Copenhagen school of design and technology), i proposed an idea to my classmates to do something extra after classes. I said ”Let’s work on something and maybe even finish something together”. Today (after 3 months) we are 9 people meeting once a week and we have started to develop a platform called “Creative Collaborations” which helps young creatives (as us) to finish their unfinished projects. And it might come to you as a surprise but one of the unifying factors among us is that each of us has an unfinished project.


We have already been a part of Innovation festival called “Afsniti” ( where we received a lot of great feedback and guidelines for the potential future company. Our long term goal is to create a collaborative community that has a huge professional network and a wide range of skillsets to apply for your unfinished project.

5 good reasons Why this is a good idea? 

1. Because by working together we can generate inspiration, motivation and personal growth.

2. Networking is more important that ever, and our platform will provide a direct and indirect ways to grow your network.

3. The best job is the one you created, and we are building a platforms that is for people who are willing to collaborate and by successful engagement, create potential future jobs.

4. We are boosting education. Besides a finished work, you will learn the process of progress. How is it possible to finish anything you have ever started(?).

5. Creativity is not something that that is created in agencies by people with funky glasses and color socks. The real power is in a crowd – In a community.

I read from a good friends blog ( that blogging is a great way to promote your own brand. So the message that totally makes sense and that you should take away from this story and is that:

1. I have found my productive motivation source

2. I am open for any job possibilities, where i can express my professional abilities

3. You should like our facebook page:

All the best,



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