Future of Advertising


p.s. I’m not promoting Sony. It’s just a nice image..

So far i thought that first ad was done by some french guys in 17 century but in a book (that describes digital marketing in an Amish level) i read that somewhere in Pompeii  (seventh or sixth century BC) there was found a Penis on a wall and that has been a sign of the very first advertising to the oldest profession in the world. Intriguing right? What’s more interesting and scary is what will the advertising turn into, when all the technologies will “take over” our dear planet the earth. [1] ; [2]

Will it be people walking around with google glasses (or more possibly lenses) and with voice commands going via endless online markets? Or will everything get down to it’s core and ultra simplicity where will no labels exist, but all the buildings and spaces will be assigned with world-know and self-explanatory symbols?

I do hope that all of us will remember that advertising (communication between two parties, where one will do everything to convince the other to make a purchase) is about human interaction. And even though location, time and data amount will not be an obstacle, I would still like to assume that the word-of-mouth will always be top-notch.  Please let’s be humans, with the technologies to help us Do things faster and more efficient but not to create some kind of substitute for the basic human truths.

The cover of Sherry Turkle book “Alone Together ” says it all.

In this universe of invisible wires and connections we tend to forget the necessity of real-human interaction and meaningful conversations. I believe that future Advertising agencies (and nearly any enterprise) will exist if they will find a purpose of Why (?) they do what they do. Because if we take away all the technology that helps some to be better than others, if the building of modernization will collapse, then the first ones to rise will be the ones with a great foundation – purpose of what they are doing. [3]

Bottom line – Find a timeless purpose of what you Do.  It will helps Us, advertisers as well.



You’r welcome.



References below :

[1] http://www.history.com/topics/pompeii

[2] http://amzn.to/XfTyUR

[3] http://amzn.to/1cgmYLZ


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