Beware! Assumptions in advertising +more


It is a damn tricky thing those assumptions, they really are.

Assumptions are great when you need to have this creative spark, spontaneous impulse, that feeds innovation. “I assume that This thing might work in this condition..  Let’s try !’ And why not? The childish approach, the game and play is one of the most creative ways to act, think and in the end create a product.

But when it comes to communication between two or more parties (or a dialogue with a  client), making assumptions is a reeeeeally slippery slope. This information that we have accepted to be true is dangerous (yes it is that bad) to your enterprise and clients wealth.

Imagine you developing a pitch, presentation, or God forbid already a product that is based on the things that you have assumed. How ridiculous that is? It just once again underlines the importance of research and the essentiality to master the art of questioning. Suck, squeeze or maybe more appropriately – question out the right information you need from the client.  Do not make assumptions.



But it is a difficult nut to crack. Even more because we do make assumptions every single day, about every single thing. It is so deep in our subconscious that making assumptions is equal to a habit. Like touching your hair when you are thinking or sniffing food before eating . It is difficult, but not impossible to change this kind of behaviour.

And this of course applies not only to enterprise environment. Assumptions will poison your friendships and relationships and even getting to know new people will be complicated, because we have assumed something that is often very incorrect.


I am looking at this problem from a different perspective and i would say that the solution is to boost your self-esteem and thereby gain more of self confidence. Assumptions arouse because we are too shy, incompetent  and just want to get pass an issue or a question and the easiest way out is to make an assumption (accepting in our mind that we already know the truth) rather than digging down to the core problem. But If we are confident, competent and wise, we will continue, only when the problem is completely understood. We will have the courage to ask and patience to research the question until it’s answered.


A tiny self-boosting exercise  (I borrowed from Brian Tracy’s book “Psychology of Selling”) you can start right now.

Simply repeat after yourself “I like myself”, “I like myself” and do it as much as you want several times a day.

When you have repeated this sentence enough you will start to believe that it is true. All of us have experience in the opposite way when we have told ourselves that we can not do something until we actually start to believe that we can not execute this action. “But i can’t dance”, “I can’t speak up in a presentation” or “I can’t make a Tracy Morgan impression in a public toilet”. We think we can not do all these things just because we have said them enough times that it has reside in our subconscious and every time we come to think about dancing or speaking up in in presentation it would only give negative connections.

So start boosting your self-esteem, and say that you Can Do it (!) and it will help you achieve your goals easier and make less assumptions because you will be more self-confident and be more present, accepting the reality and be eager to figure out the actual cause of problem.


I assume i need to write more often.

So stick around, or you’ll be sticked around.. a bit of my humor there.


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