Find what you love and stick to it.


My good friend Tomas and his friend is having a project “Dare With Us”  ( ) where they are following their dream to travel around Europe, and who knows, next time around the world?

But “Dare With Us” project is much more than that. Tomas and Justas are encouraging people to follow their dreams, step up their biggest fears and challenging everyone to find the courage to do what they have always wanted.

So referring to their project this post will be about how did i found my passion and how can you follow your dream(s) if you are not already doing it now.

It was time to finish high school when i realised that my time in my parents sweet nest is soon to expire.  After that it still took me nearly 2 years to realize what i want to do.

It was a snowy day before christmas, i was bored to death and i was browsed through the amazing world of the Internet when i stumbled upon a stop motion video.  It seemed pretty cool, so i had to try to make a little movie myself. I took some picture made a 10 second video, nothing very significant happened.

A month later, with only more concerns about my future, on my shoulders i decided to give a try for a little movie more. This time i took it a bit more serious and believe it or not, some people actually liked it. Or at least they told me they did. Anyway i got a kick of motivation to create some more videos, and ideas, just started to burst in front of me.

Only few months after being on the path of creating videos i said to myself  : “Video !  I want to make the best video world has ever seen”. Quite ambitious i, i know.

Soon after that i started my studies and became really interested, nearly obsessed with advertising and everything around that. In a short period my interests expanded with graphic design, social media, enterprise, art, blogging, photo, i created a facebook page to motivate others and so on.

Suddenly i had more interest than i could have ever imagined, but still in the back of my mind the video stays as The goal to achieve.

A piece of an advice from me. 

1.Do not stop looking !

If you haven’t decided yet, what will you connect your future with, keep f*cking looking for it!

Try different things, visit different places and seek for an action. One thing will lead to another only if you will get you ass up and do things.

2. Stick to what you love. 

If you have found something that brings joy to you – stick to it. Sooner or later it will lead you to a conclusion if that is something for you or not.  So when you have found what you like, and you know that it is the right thing for you learn to organize your work, to get the most out of your actions.

3. Be patient.  

When you start a new exciting thing it is important to do things in their order and do not rush anything. One thing at the time now and when you will be more than comfortable with that juggling with 3 balls will not be that difficult at all.

4. Challenge yourself !

For those who have all the life planned ahead already – get out of you comfort zones, try the unusual. You never know what hidden talent you might have. Give it a try. I always have in mind Wayne Gretzky quote: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take” !

5.  Have Fun!

Even though i definitely do not look like a person who’s having any fun in his life when i am working on something, but always remember to keep the serious-ness within your works quality not necessarily in the process of making it !

I know, i know, all these advices makes you sick, do this, keep doing that, don’t do that, But why don’t you give a try? Ask yourself what do you want to achieve,  who do you want to be?

darep.s. Visit their freshly baked blog at:


2 thoughts on “Find what you love and stick to it.

  1. I really like the first tip. Don’t ever settle down as Steve Jobs said. You’ll feel when you’ll find your life path. Thanks for spreading the word and inspiring people to take an action.


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