5 effective ways to increase your Pen..manships skills


Just finished reading a book called “Advertising concept and copy” and now i am trying to practice my headline writing skills! Did it worked? At least draw some attention hopefully because i will not be writing here about penmanship either how to increase your junk.

But if you still want to know some of that here’s a link for you:  http://bit.ly/Wtx12g

As any skill / ability nearly anything Can be improved with a practice. One of the thing i would really love to learn is how to avoid to make assumptions. If we think about it, isn’t it crazy how disturbing it might get? 

A real life example, that happened about a week ago.

I was back home [in Easter Europe], in a clothing store and i always faced to condition from a salesman. Either she or he wouldn’t notice you at all, and you can wonder around, poke your nose or fart in a distant corner nobody would seem to notice you as long you wouldn’t mind bothering them. Or if you would walk in a shop that’s a class too nice for you (judging  by the clothes you wear at that moment) salesman, would talk to you in that high, snobbish voice, making me feel less significant and you wouldn’t even dare to look at the price tags to avoid the “oh, he can not afford that” looks. 

So with these two assumptions in my head i walk in one of the clothing stores and by the first look i see the woman packing out clothes of the box, gives me not the most welcoming look and i don’t even bother asking her where to find something, but try to do it myself.

After i’ve searched throughout everywhere i finally went to her and asked if she could help me find this pants, but a size bigger. That moment just opened up like a flower in an early spring morning, and with a with big smile said yes, of course. Even she couldn’t help me, she called to another shop and “reserved” a pair of pants for me and wished me to have a great day.

This might sound like i am a little girl, wining about the “first world problems” but the key message i want to get through is that You Have to Brake the Assumptions of any kind. 

It is more than a big thing, and it is not realistic to not make any of them, cause we are doing that in a subconceious level, assuming, that this girl, is a boring person because of her outfit, assuming that this guy is having an easy life because of what kind an image he has created around him. 

All these little things just trash around heads, and make to many bias about everything.

Try to think of a person as about a blank peace of page until you get to know more, when you can actually “Draw a picture” of what the people is like.



I have to put in some hipster-hippie pictures, cause that’s what all blogs are doing you know ! And also to make it look bit more pretty.

Stay nice and stay cool !


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