Did you saw that? Did you heard that? Did you smelled that?


It’s amazing how many, small interesting, everybody-knows-about, kind of things are happening around You all the time.

It happened a week ago, when i noticed at a bus stop, how a blind man llighted his cigarette from the other side, and then just continued to smoke the filter in stead of tobacco.  It was a  maybe 3 seconds, as the bus was passing by, but the moment lasted for much longer.

Same day, i was sitting in front of McDonalds, and a group of 14-15 year old Jersey Shore-like girls and boys were sitting and acting all tough, and after a while there was another group of a bit older “gang” who didn’t even had to say anything, but just with a proper “Look” they scared the little ones ones to the next table. The looked like a group of hyenas, with their tales in between their legs, kicked away from a piece of fresh flesh.

And all these little moments are just so interesting. At first i thought it was just because i had smoked a papyrus with herbal flavour. But i have continued to notice such things while being fully fresh, with nothing else but white bread and water in my stomach and in the bus on the way home, i noticed how a little boy was trying to teach his grandmother how to “High 5”.  Nothing special again, but such a small moment, that you can gather and you knows, use it for your next creative project.

So what i am trying to say is :

Wake the fuck up. Be curious! See what is happening around you, next to you, and on the rooftops. Stay open minded, and get yourself reminded, that the further you look for the things, the closer they actually are. Listen, look, smell — observe.


p.s. And please don’t let the “Christmas goggles” trick your holidays into a back braking, materialistic and joy less holidays. Merry ones.


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