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Picture. Monologue. 

Let’s not be stupid, and isolate us with the one of the first stereotypic ideas that come up in the head. I do want to believe that this is The spirit. This is how your life should go on and how you should look at your surroundings. Not to rotten with the time, cause that is how you are “supposed to be” old, cranky, and has no tolerance towards anything new, anything exciting.

I do want to believe that even at the age of 86 (at least that’s how many years i hope my life will bless me with) i will still be out there and feel great. Not old and not young, cause the age is not what matters – it’s the personality.  Your ability to stay “fresh” in the mind.

A wheelchair or a toothless mouth. Nothing has to come in between you jumping in an adventure. 

A while ago i saw the movie “The intouchables”  [http://bit.ly/Sz9SxL] that had re-awaken this feeling of enjoying the life on full power and and look on the bright side of life, more often.


So far it all might sound like some hippie crap, “everyone be happy, and enjoy the moment with little round glasses on, and a joint in the pocket”. But what i’m trying to say is that you have to live every moment. I tend to notice how people are looking at the life, and it really does not matter what are you doing for living, or how much money, do you exactly have. A chefs in a little crappy restaurant, cleaning lady in a school, dishwasher, teacher with a small salary or a salesman in a gas tank etc. All these and way more are professions for the  first examples i could remember of people that i have seen the most “life happy” and having the ability to stay with a truthful smile on the face throughout the day. 

There is no life without sadness, madness and cruelty but the way of dealing with the situations is your own choice. 


Inspired by the Tv-host Conan o’Brien where he’s having the monologues expressing he’s opinion on certain issues, once a while i’ll do something similar. For the first time, something serious, as i am a deadly serious person.


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