Advertising Campaign


In few words it’s a series of advertising messages to share a single message. Easy enough to understand, complex enough, to create one.

I think that an advertising campaign is splendid marketing tool. After you’ve past the “exciting” research of the target audience, competitors, current market situation, campaigns implementation structure plan and all sort of funny things more you can dip your nachos (product) in that sauce of commercial and put it right into the mouth of consumer. And in a well made campaign strategy you should have several types of sauces, to keep the audience awake, and interested that your still there. With a the same, crunchy nachos, but many sauces to offer.

This is my interpretation of an advertising campaign. But have a look at some real life examples, they’re simply great.

Switzerland. Get natural.

Mountains, Yodeling, 4 official languages, and smell the of luxuriance. This is how i would shortly describe this wonderful country.
“Get natural” is the main feature in the advertising [branding] world, and particulary to the series of videos, made for the country that loves cows and german cars (And me, after successfully promoting it ).


Switzerland is a magnificent vacation destination. But now it’s made into an ultimate relaxation and cosy-ness nest.

“Summer Holiday”

When the spring transforms into an evergreen summer, someone has to get rid of all remains of the previous seasons. Here it’s done in a simplistic, graceful yet scratchy approach.

“More than just mountains”

Braking the stereotypes and informing people that there Is more of splendid things to do and places to visit in Switzerland than anyone though of.
Don’t you just want to go there just to see these village men fixing the country, enjoy a relaxing vacation and see those yet unseen parts of this country? I think this campaign is very well made by implementing a simple but powerful message. I think they have successfully played with stereotypes that people would assume about Switzerland, and twisted them in a humorous, appealing way.
Try out this interactive video, that has gotten incredibly popular in social media comparing to the previous videos.

I managed to wake Paul and Sebi up with “carneval”. Evil i know.


Owned by Swedish/Danish comany “Arla”, advertised by my all times favourite “Wieden and Kennedy” advertising agancy Cravendale is the number 1 (!) milka brand in United Kingdom. Milk brand. I mean that is just wonderful, how creative people those advertising people are. To turn such an emotion-less, daily, “i’ve been consuming this product since the day my mother got tired of breastfeeding” product (or more of promoting the brand) so well that people would go and fill their shopping baskets with “Cravendale” goods. Eventough it’s just milk. Amazing how it’s been dragged out of the regular “to buy list” and put in as a thing i have to get.
Have a look as some examples, of how exactly it’s been done.

Cats with thumbs

I do not approve “Catvertising”,but i have to admit that this is well done. “Jog on kitties”

Milk me Brian

A simple thought with an extraordinary tail-end. Who was the first one with the idea to milk a cow?

Next blog post – next weekend. Stay tuned for more awesome-ness to come on your fa.. in your head!

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